About us

We ran our first season in 2018 with excitement, and we've only gotten happier!

The start of a new adventure

After living and working in Guinea for several years, we chose to move back to the Netherlands.
We bought a house in Almere where we lived for 20 years with a lot of pleasure.
After moving house, the love for camping started. Our neighbors in Almere, Karin and Eric, took us on our first camping trip.

After having lived and worked in Guinee for several years, we chose our domicile in Almere in the Netherlands. Our neighbors Karin and Eric took us on a camping holiday for the first time. Our family consisting of: Rosalie, Ruud, Walter, Rutger and Guido, they all went together in the Suzuki Alto in France. Love immediately struck. The following year we returned, now with a trailer behind the Suzuki. The trailer became larger and when the boys in the rear seat ran out of space, the car became larger. The holidays were full of joy and always very relaxing.

We took camping vacations for years, often with the same neighbors. They got the idea to buy a campsite and started looking.
For them, it remained a simple idea, but for us, a small seed was planted: it's nice to do when you're retired, it's fun and it makes a good living, that's what we thought.

Our two oldest sons were also inspired. They didn't want to wait that long, and especially not for only a few tents. It had to be a real campsite, on a real river! And they wanted to come along!

After ten years of searching together, we found Le Clos Bouyssac and we knew immediately that it was our campsite!

How our adventure is unfolding

This year 2023, we will be running our sixth season. We are looking forward to it again! We love it here and we hope you do too! 
Meanwhile, our family composition has changed. At the end of 2021, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Ruud, but still the family has grown. In recent years, Tessa, Rutger's girlfriend, and Emilie, Walter's girlfriend, have also moved in with us.

We keep working on our dream not only together during the season, but also outside of it. We do everything ourselves on the campsite! Remodeling, maintenance, just name it.
Believe us, we are never bored. It's always so much fun to show you all what we've been up to over the winter. Secretly, we are quite a bit proud of it.

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Sunny greetings on behalf of all of us, the Mijnheer family

"We'll build a paradise for ourselves and let other people enjoy it with us" - Rutger

Meet the family

Rosalie Mijnheer Nederlandse eigenaar van charme camping le clos bouyssac


"I had a photostudio for years in Almere. I loved the idea of running a campsite after retirement to create the perfect holiday for other people. The landscape and the area here never seem to bore me. I truly find living here is paradise."

Walter Mijnheer, Nederlandse eigenaar van charme camping Le clos bouyssac


"I love being outside. Like building new facilities or accommodations with my brother. Coming up with creative solutions to lift this place up to it's true potential is what makes me a happy man."

Emilie, eigenaar van familie camping le clos bouyssac


"I am French from Aveyron, and I have always loved nature and great outdoors. I am also very curious, as I have worked in various professions. It was not difficult to fall in love with the campsite, the autonomy and the always varied tasks it offers!"

Rutger Mijnheer, Nederlandse eigenaar van familie camping Le Clos Bouyssac


"I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to learn all kinds of things and do parts of them. That job is actually available here. I can do it all, be a timber, a barista, bartender, teamleader, plumber and sometimes a photographer. I love it here."

Tessa van Vredendaal, restaurant op Le Clos Bouyssac aan de Lot, Zuid Frankijk


"I am often described as someone with 101 hobbies and ideas. Choosing something for my entire life was something I didn't like. Here I can express all my creativity and ideas in one place. I have embraced the outdoors and nature with love."

Team Camping Le Clos Bouyssac 2023 aan de rivier de Lot

"Our team is actually one big family." - Rosalie

Of course, we cannot do it alone. So far, every season we are reinforced by our staff, friends and acquaintances who want to work with us. It is very special to work with a group of people who did not know each other before the season and say goodbye to each other after the season as a real family. Tears and all!

Ben jij opzoek naar een werkvakantie of seizoenswerk en ben jij beschikbaar tussen 1 mei en 1 oktober?  Stuur ons een email met jouw CV en motivatie. Leuk om ook jou te ontmoeten!

"An incredibly sweet team manages this beautiful campsite and does it with great enthusiasm and love. Beautiful spacious places, wonderful location, large pool, environment very surprising. We would love to come back next year."
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Nathan L
July, 2021