2022 is nearly over: we like to take a look back

It's December and that means that we are getting into the Christmas spirit and reviewing
this year. It has gone so incredibly fast! It seems like yesterday, we shared with you the blogpost
of the opening season, but by now we have already experienced the very warm and dry
summer. And what fun it was!

A free summer
First of all, thank you all so much, for an enjoyable season! We have seen familiar guests back and also met lots of new ones. It remains very special to meet so many people in a relatively short time. After running a modified season for two years due to corona, we were fortunately allowed to open without measures this year. It was very pleasant to see that everyone interacted with each other with much more freedom. More trips, eating out more often, joining the
neighbors or watching Formula 1 together in the bar. Even the kids happily interacted more during the Pool disco. We thought it was super fun! What did you guys think? Was the vacation more "free" or did it feel more like a renewed normal one?

The Safari tents
The biggest project this year was the Safari tents, and how beautiful they look!
We are proud of what we have built together, with the help of friends and family.
Upon welcoming the first guests to the Safari Tent, we joined the whole family
along, so curious were we to see the reaction. And we can honestly say it was a success. We were absolutely delighted with it.
Curious? Then take a look at the accomodation page on our website for the photos or check out the video on YouTubeWe really want to thank our guest and now good friend, Rick. During his vacation here, he helped us with the final touches. Those few extra hands made all the difference in getting it done on time. Rick, thank you!

The end of this year also marks a milestone for us; Rutger, Walter and Rosalie have
run their fifth season at Le Clos Bouyssac. And Emilie completed her first season
behind it!
The new coffee machine is great. Tessa is the expert, of course, but so are Rutger and
Emilie already regularly make coffee. And next season, Rosalie will have to make it, too.
Our guests are pleased with our coffee skills, so we're going to make sure there is someone in the coffee shop
even more often.
Our profession is really one huge learning experience, it presents so many challenges, and we grow
more and more into it. We are really happy every day that we took this adventure.

Vacation for the first time in all these years
Right after the season ended, it was time, and for the first time, for a rest; Rosalie enjoyed a
well-deserved vacation on the Spanish coast. Emilie and Walter (and Nova of course!)
had a wonderful road trip through Eastern Europe and Rutger and Tessa made a beautiful
road trip through Spain. Enough relaxation to start working on a new

The greening process
The first solar panels will be delivered and should be mounted. This is the beginning of the visible greening of Le Clos Bouyssac.

New opening time
We have an important family celebration at the end of April and then we will open already on May 13 !
Mmm... The weather is warmer around May 13, nice for the weekend, which fortunately doesn't last much longer. We are just open until October 1.
Would you like more practical information about the campsite? Then take a look at the bottom of our Homepage on the website.

On behalf of the whole family...
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy 2023 and of course a
wonderful new camping season, in which we look forward to seeing you all again! Have you not
served for high season yet? Tip: Do it soon, it goes very fast.
Festive greetings from all of us,
Rosalie, Walter, Rutger, Emilie & Tessa

If you want to learn more about the campsite or follow the family, go to our social media!
We made it easy for you, just click on the desired link. See you soon!


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